From a very early age and continuing through now, I have had this depths of my soul desire to write. Whether it’s in a social media post, in a physical journal, notes on my phone, it doesn’t matter. The urge is always present.

So here I am starting a blog. Again.

This time it feels a little bit different.

I’m not going to restrict myself to a specific theme for the content. Instead I hope for this to be a space for all of the things. For all of the thoughts, the photos, the stories. Free to flow out, to be dissected, and digested.

I’m on the threshold of something new, a cycle of rebirth. And, for some reason, putting it in writing feels like the best way to catch the experience as it unfolds. And to collect the memories that may resonate.

My name is Krissie and these are my words.

Contact: info@wordbykrissie.com